Married... with children - sezon 11

Przewodnik po epizodach - sezon 11


239. Twisted

Data emisji: 28.09.1996
Numer odcinka: 1103
Scenariusz: Richard Gurman
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Jennifer Lyons (Ariel)
  • Donna Pieroni (Sandy)
  • Christine Moore (Gorgeous Woman)
  • Steven Shenbaum (Scarecrow)

Bud fakes a twister to scare his girlfriend into sleeping with him, but a real storm causes the neighborhood to take refuge.

Beginning with this episode, the series is moved to a new time-slot, Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. The move did not do well for the series as ratings plummeted and the show would be moved again three more times before being cancelled. Starting with this episode, the episodes has a short intro. Also the end credits are changed into just text on a black screen, instead of the usual where Al and Peg are sitting on the couch.


240. Children of the Corns

Data emisji: 05.10.1996
Numer odcinka: 1102
Scenariusz: Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Terese Parente (Miranda Cardinale)
  • Patrick T. O'Brien (Bob Thompson)
  • Christopher Elwood (Delivery Guy)
  • Lee Arnone-Briggs (Woman Customer)
  • Louisa Abernathy (Christy)
  • Eric Vasques (Immigrant Kid #1)
  • Cherise Ligot (Immigrant Kid #2)
  • Richard Ornelas (Thug)

Al and Griff blackmail Gary, because of a bad promotion contest, when they find the shoes from the shoe store are made by children in sweatshops. Meanwhile, Peggy wins a microwave and Kelly and her try to hide it from Al.


241. Kelly's Gotta Habit

Data emisji: 12.10.1996
Numer odcinka: 1106
Scenariusz: Laurie Lee-Goss & Garry Bowren
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • Nancy Linari (Sister Bendicta)
  • David Pressman (Mike)
  • Peter Kerr (Cab Driver)
  • Tee Mark Flack (Real Cop)
  • Bryan Rasmussen (Burglar)
  • Gerry Lock (Old Lady)
  • Lewis Dauber (Sketch Artist)
  • Bert L. Cook (Cab Driver #2)
  • Tina Yothers (Herself)

Kelly must sign a morals clause when she gets a commercial part playing a nun. Meanwhile, Al gets to be on Cops as Officer Dan's partner.


242. Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)

Data emisji: 10.11.1996
Numer odcinka: 1107
Scenariusz: Steve Faber & Bob Fisher
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Rick Overton (Dr. Fisher)
  • Cliff Bemis (Al's Dad)
  • Hannah Swanson (Young Kelly)

Al's Dodge starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it while he recalls the good old days in his Dodge.


243. Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)

Data emisji: 17.11.1996
Numer odcinka: 1109
Scenariusz: Russell Marcus
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Rick Overton (Dr. Fisher)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Michael Sorich (Fidel Castro)
  • Gary Grubbs (Cal Stevens)

Al buries the Dodge and leases a new sports car. Meanwhile, Peggy digs up the Dodge so she can sell the engine.


244. A Bundy Thanksgiving

Data emisji: 24.11.1996
Numer odcinka: 1111
Scenariusz: Vince Cheung & Bob Montanio
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • James Brown (Himself)
  • Terry Bradshaw (Himself)
  • Howie Long (Himself)
  • Ronnie Lott (Himself)
  • Beau Billingslea (Reverend Hightower)
  • Ann Weldon (Aunt Maddie)
  • Lakeitcha Hurd (Mourner #1)
  • Virginia Capers (Mourner #2)
  • Patricia Belcher (Eunetta)
  • Nick LaTour (Old Man)
  • Caroline Jones (Woman)
  • Miles Marsico (Boy)
  • Vivian Bonnell (Mourner #3)

Al goes on a search for his aunt's Thanskgiving pie, but finds she is dead. Meanwhile, Kelly gets a pet turkey.


245. The Juggs Have Left the Building

Data emisji: 01.12.1996
Numer odcinka: 1108
Scenariusz: Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Tammy Wynette (Herself)
  • Brent Hinkley (Cletus)
  • Nicole Nagorsky (Daughter)
  • Ritchie Montgomery (Emcee)
  • Doug Reid (Buford)
  • Dan Reid (Elmo)

Peggy and Kelly both enter a singing contest when they are on vacation in Missouri.


246. God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

Data emisji: 22.12.1996
Numer odcinka: 1113
Scenariusz: Steve Faber & Bob Fisher
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Jonathan Magnum (Hal)
  • Kevin Lamont Smith (Biff)
  • Mary Stein (Judge #2)
  • Amy Lyndon (Mall Manager)
  • Steven Anthony Lawrence (Kid #1)
  • Lynette Bennett (Judge #1)
  • Christian McLaughlin (Reindeer Dancer)

Al and Griff are fired during the holidays. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene.


247. Crimes Against Obesity

Data emisji: 29.12.1996
Numer odcinka: 1105
Scenariusz: Russell Marcus
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Diana Bellamy (Shirley)
  • Cassi Davis (Patty)
  • Danica Sheridan (Matilda)
  • Jennifer Echols (Gwen)
  • Helen Siff (Leona)
  • Kelly Goodman (Barbara)
  • Nicole Nagorsky (Penelope)

Al is sued by all of the overweight women he has insulted in the past. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud tint the windows on Al's car for his birthday gift. Amanda Bearse does not appear in this episode, though she does have one line offstage.


248. The Stepford Peg

Data emisji: 06.01.1997
Numer odcinka: 1101
Scenariusz: Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Ron-Ann Frey (Sally)
  • Larry McKay (TV Announcer)

When Peggy gets amnesia, Al turns her into the perfect wife.


249. Bud on the Side

Data emisji: 13.01.1997
Numer odcinka: 1110
Scenariusz: Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Mink Stole (Edna)
  • Chris Bonno (Contractor)
  • David Alan Graf (Delivery Guy #1)
  • John Talamantez (Delivery Guy #2)

After Al tells Bud to lower his standards in women, Bud has an affair with Gary.


250. Grime and Punishment

Data emisji: 20.01.1997
Numer odcinka: 1104
Scenariusz: Steve Faber & Bob Fisher
Reżyseria: Sam W. Orender

  • Marianne Muellerleile (Health Inspector)

When Bud starts paying rent, Al has to stay in the basement, because of a shock collar, until he makes the repairs.


251. T*R*A*S*H

Data emisji: 27.01.1997
Numer odcinka: 1114
Scenariusz: Todd Newman & David Faustino
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • J.J. Johnston (Drill Inspector)
  • Gonzo Raymond (Santo)
  • Jerry Giles (Du Wayne)

Seeking regular meals, Al and Griff join the army, but end up having to help with a garbage strike.


252. Breaking up is Easy to Do (1)

Data emisji: 24.02.1997
Numer odcinka: 1116
Scenariusz: Eric Abrams & Matthew Berry
Reżyseria: Mark Samuels

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Lisa Robin Kelly (Heather)
  • Jake Johannsen (Dr. H. Longo)
  • Kellie Beals (Nancy)
  • Gerry Del Sol (Referee)

Al and Peggy leave separately, after seeing a marriage couselor. Kelly must first box to get a part in a boxing movie.


253. Breaking up is Easy to Do (2)

Data emisji: 24.02.1997
Numer odcinka: 1117
Scenariusz: Russell Marcus
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohe

  • Alan Thicke (Bruce)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Lisa Melilli (Sandy)
  • Rosa Blasi (Kobieta #1)
  • Mandy Levin (Kobieta #2)
  • Ilene Roseen (Kobieta #3)
  • Christopher Shobe (Guy in Bar)

Al moves into a room in the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy finds a new boyfriend.


254. Breaking up is Easy to Do (3)

Data emisji: 03.03.1997
Numer odcinka: 1118
Scenariusz: Russell Marcus
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Alan Thicke (Bruce)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Michael Irpino (Clerk)

Kelly and Bud finds that Peggy's new boyfriend will force them to work if he marries Peggy.


255. Live Nude Peg

Data emisji: 10.03.1997
Numer odcinka: 1112
Scenariusz: Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams
Reżyseria: Amanda Bearse

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Dan Tullis Jr. (Officer Dan)
  • E.E. Bell (Bob Rooney)
  • Tom McCleister (Ike)
  • Iqbal Theba (Iqbal)
  • Gloria LeRoy (Chesty)
  • Carmen Morrell (Shaney)
  • Vanessa A. Dorian (Stripper #1)

Al and NO MA'AM see Peggy at a trip to the nudie bar.


256. A Babe in Toyland

Data emisji: 17.03.1997
Numer odcinka: 1115
Scenariusz: Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Brandon Maggart (Uncle Dudley)
  • Claire Baron (Jordan)
  • Richard Israel (Court Jester)
  • Richard Taylor Olson (Bobby Beaver)

Kelly's a hit when she appears on a kiddie show. Meanwhile, Al and Peggy get twin beds.


257. Birthday Boy Toy

Data emisji: 31.03.1997
Numer odcinka: 1119
Scenariusz: Terry Maloney & Mindy Morgenstern
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Kevin Spirtas (Instruktor)
  • Stefani Spruill (Gloria)
  • Kevin Spurtas (Instruktor)
  • Susan Isaacs (Kobieta #1)
  • Sonya Eddy (Betty)
  • Michelle Mitchell (Kobieta #2)
  • Corinne Reilly (Young Woman)

Marcy gets Jefferson a membership to the health club and he becomes a spectacle there. Meanwhile, Bud directs when Al and Kelly star in a commercial for the shoe store.


258. Damn Bundys

Data emisji: 28.04.1997
Numer odcinka: 1120
Scenariusz: Ben Montanio & Vince Cheung
Reżyseria: Richard Correll

  • James Brown (Himself)
  • Robert Englund (Lucifer)
  • John Welsh (Clerk)
  • John Cirigliano (Napoleon)
  • Alex Ardenti (Hunky Guy)
  • Erik Kramer (Himself)
  • Curtis Conway (Himself)
  • Raymont Harris (Himself)

Al makes a pact with the devil (Robert Englund better known as Freddy Krueger) so the Chicago Bears can win.


259. Lez Be Friends

Data emisji: 10.04.1997
Numer odcinka: 1122
Scenariusz: Pamela Eells
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Amanda Bearse (Mandy)
  • Elaine Hendrix (Elaine)

Marcy becomes jealous when her lesbian cousin, Mandy, comes to visit.

Amanda Bearse, who plays Mandy in a Dual Role is a lesbian in real life. I think that this episode was made as a way to reveal herself to the public. The first time I saw her reveal her sexual preference was on an episode of "Geraldo" in the early 1990's, as a rising star with a secret.


260. The Desperate Half-Hour

Data emisji: 05.05.1997
Numer odcinka: 1123
Scenariusz: Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Tricia Cast (Starla)
  • Charles Esten (Lonnie)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Bill Torees (Cop)

Bud's pen-pal from prison pays a visit to the Bundy household. When she arrives, she holds the whole family and the D'Arcy's hostage. Kelly falls in love with her dumb sidekick and the two plan to get married.


261. How to Marry a Moron

Data emisji: 05.05.1997
Numer odcinka: 1124
Scenariusz: Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio
Reżyseria: Gerry Cohen

  • Charles Esten (Lonnie)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Edie McClure (Mrs. Tot)
  • Gordon Jump (Mr. Tot)
  • Rance Howard (Reverend)
  • Lauren Hays (Susie)
  • T.L. Brooke (Tatum Tot)
  • Mason Dragotto (Jennifer)
  • Rena Riffel (Stripper #1)

With hours before Kelly's wedding, Al learns that Kelly's new beau is lusting for other women and since Kelly's his daughter, he takes offense to that.

A final Married With Children spinoff was called "Kelly" and would follow the adventures of Kelly Bundy. Christina Applegate declined to do the role and went for the NBC series Jesse, a year later. Simple credits for the end was a cue card thanking the cast and crew for 11 years of laughter and a fade to black. The show was cancelled due to Fox's unwillingness to pay the cast salaries and production costs. 48 tv shows were cancelled during the series run.


262. Chicago Shoe Exchange

Data emisji: 09.06.1997
Numer odcinka: 1121
Scenariusz: Matthew Berry & Eric Abrams
Reżyseria: Mark K. Samuels

  • Janet Carroll (Gary)
  • Harold Sylvester (Griff)
  • Larry Bagby III (Clements)
  • James Nardini (Chris)
  • Matthew Sutherland (Grad)
  • Michael C. McMahon (Larry)
  • Abbey Nayor (Corn Dog Lady)
  • Lisa-Gay Tremblay (Cathy)
  • Cheryl Rhoads (Rachel)
  • Gita Isak (Gloria)

Al and Griff start a barter to get a massage chair. Meanwhile, Kelly gives massages to Bud.

This program was not the last episode taped. This episode was considered a "Lost Episode" and ended up being aired the week after the last episode.


Special. Bundymania

Data emisji: 01.01.1998

A three hour 45 minutes special by the German TV station Pro 7. On December 30, 1997, they had aired the last German-language premiere of a Married... with Children episode. Their New Year's Eve special included 9 dubbed episodes (1019, 0303, 0803, 1013, 0820, 1003, 0617, 1123 and 0101), each one representing a facet of the series.

Between these episodes were shots of the taping of "The Desperate Half-Hour" (1123) and simultaneously interpreted interviews with David Faustino, Christina Applegate, Ted McGinley, Steven Ritt (Buck and Lucky's dog trainer), Amanda Bearse and Ed O'Neill. Copyrighted by Andreas Carl of Bundology


Special. Married... With Children: The E! True Hollywood Story

Data emisji: 26.08.2001

This is an one hour thirty minute long do*****entary. It features interviews with the cast, the producers, writers, other people including Terry Rakolta (who tried to get the show cancelled).

The do*****entary deals with the history of the show - how it all began, why it was cancelled, how the actors changed during the series... and more.


Special. The Rerun Show

Data emisji: 20.08.2002

The last two episodes of NBC's short-lived 2002 TV series "The Rerun Show" featured spoof remakes of two MwC episodes. Both episodes premiered on the same night, and their sets looked very similar to the original one. The couch even seems to be the original one.

Episode six included "Dance Show" (0505) as "Planet of the Apes", featuring the Bundys and Marcy as apes. David Faustino guest starred as human Pete, the jilted husband of Peggy's dance partner. And ye scenariusz: "Planet of the Apes" was that late 60s early 70s movie series. You can check out some captures at Bundyphilia. The other featured spoof on that episode was "The Partridge Family"'s "My Son, the Feminist".

Episode seven featured "Weenie Tot Lovers and Other Strangers" (0517) with the Bundys as "The Osbournes" from the contemporary MTV series. Guest star Erik Estrada played a police officer in a very brief appearance. Here too you can check out some captures at Bundyphilia. The other featured spoof on that episode was "Bewitched"'s "A Bunny for Tabitha".

Copyrighted by Andreas Carl of Bundology


Special. Married With Children Reunion Special

Data emisji: 16.02.2003
Scenariusz: Christine T. Zingus
Reżyseria: Hal Grant

In a forty two minute (without commercials) long Fox special, the main cast from Married... with Children - Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate, David Faustino, David Garrison, Amanda Bearse and Ted McGinley returns to the Bundy set. They are interviewed and talk about their best memories of the show, combined with various clips from the episodes. We see clips of Peg's lazy life as a mother and homemaker. Peg and Al's dead sex life. The sibling rivalry between Bud and Kelly. Kelly's stupid and somehow slutty life. Bud's strange sex life. Al's loser life with his forgotten high school glory, football stories, life in the shoe store, his life as a father and Al's strange philosophies. Finally we see their favorite moments from the show.

Not bad at all.

This special was extremely ironic in the time that it aired. The night it aired, February 16th, 2003, was straight after The Simpsons' 300th and 301st (actually the 302nd and 303rd) episodes, a number that Married with Children didn't get to, but was very close to. It also aired in a timeslot that was the usual FOX lineup (when the Simpsons was on 8 and Married with Children was on at 9).

Interestingly, this is also the first of anything (specials, episodes, anything) new for Married with Children that aired on FOX since the "lost episode" in June 2002. Other specials have appeared on other networks though.


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